First MUM packaging

How our story began

In 1888, an unknown American inventor developed a wax-like cream using slightly antibacterial zinc oxide. And the first deodorant was born.

Named MUM, after the inventor’s nurse who had the nickname ‘Mum’, this deodorant was used not only to prevent armpit odour, but also for feet.

MUM advert


Inspired by the first ballpoint pen, MUM produced the first roll-on deodorant in 1952. By the 1960s, it was used worldwide, and even today roll-ons are the most popular type of deodorant.

MUM roll-on
120 YEARS+

Today... and beyond

Our story doesn’t stop there. Now offering four MUM roll-on products, we offer a fragrance for every woman – even those with sensitive skin. And because we have over 120 years of experience giving women effective protection, we’re a brand you can rely on.